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Well Being

Mental Health and Wellbeing at New Penshaw Academy


At New Penshaw Academy we are committed to supporting the social, emotional and mental health of all children, parents, carers and staff across our school community. We hold this as a value rooted in everything we do and are keen to develop this work further.


Mood Self Assessment Link


What is mental health?

Mental health is about how we think, feel and act. Just like physical health, everybody has it and we need to take care of it. 

Our mental health is on a spectrum, and can range from good to poor. Good mental health can help you to think positively, feel confident and act calmly.’ (Mind)


What is wellbeing?

Mental wellbeing is about how you're feeling right now, and how well you can cope with daily life.

‘Our wellbeing can change from moment to moment, day to day, or month to month. Sometimes it changes because of things that happen to us and sometimes it changes for no reason at all. It can affect the way we feel about ourselves and others, and about the things we face in our lives.’ (Mind)


Improving our mental health and wellbeing

Throughout our curriculum, we support our children to use the '5 Ways to Wellbeing'. These are simple ways whereby we can improve our own mood and we believe that by teaching our children these behaviours, we provide them with 'tools' to help themselves when times are tough. These are lifelong skills. 



 Resilience at New Penshaw is built through:

  • Secure relationships
  • Positive attitude
  • Problem Solving approach
  • Effective communication skills
  • Planning and taking responsibility
  • Ability to reflect
  • A sense of humour!


We have a dedicated Wellbeing Team who focus on ensuring wellbeing support is available for all those who are involved in life at New Penshaw.

Our staff team is made up of Mrs Johnson (Headteacher), Miss Dixon (Mental Health Lead), Mrs Brown (Business Manager), Mrs Foster (Teacher), Miss Crowther (Administration Assistant) and Rachael Lock (Mental Health Governor). We also have a dedicated team of pupils known as the wellbeing warriors. W


Mrs J Dixon

Wellbeing Lead


Mrs S Johnson 

Wellbeing Champion


Mrs R Lock

Wellbeing Governor


Mrs L Foster

Wellbeing Champion


Mrs H Brown

Wellbeing Champion



Helpful Advice

As part of our drive to address any issues surrounding our children’s wellbeing, you will find on this page some useful advice for dealing with any mental health problems you may have, how to identify them as well as the best places to seek advice should you need it.






Early Help -


Family Coach -


Sunderland Counselling Services -


Child Bereavement UK -


Wellbeing Information -


Anna Fraud National Centre for Children and Families-


Kooth (On line well-being support) –



Childline –


Papyrus -


Place to Be (Improving children’s mental health)-


Youth Almighty -




Barnardos -